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Welcome to the Convergent Outsourcing General Information Page

Provided below, are answers to some of the most common concerns consumers experience after receiving a letter from Convergent... Often consumers don't recognize our company and we understand that... so of course, most people want to know...

Who We Are And Are We A Scam?

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Company Background

For over sixty years, Convergent has worked with clients in process outsourcing, revenue cycle and receivables management (you know, debt collection). As Convergent Outsourcing, Inc., we operate as a third party debt collector for our clients. What that means is that our clients – the companies you originally incurred the debt with – contract with us to follow up on and secure the outstanding debts you may owe them as well as any disputes or complaints.

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Is Convergent A Scam?

Convergent Outsourcing is not a scam. We are a third party debt collections agency with over sixty years of experience and a longtime member of ACA International.

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If you're not a scam, why does Convergent ask to verify my personal Information when I call? Shouldn't your company have it on file already?

Convergent representatives are required to verify your full name and one additional piece of personal information to comply with state laws,federal laws, and various disclosure regulations. If you don't feel comfortable verifying this information, take a look at the top right-hand side of your letter. Located here is a client reference number. Feel free to call the original creditor that your account has been placed with (provide the client reference number) and verify Convergent.

Providing You With Excellent Service is What Convergent Takes pride In!

Common Concerns

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Debt Validations

Have you received a letter from our company and would like more documentation which provides in-depth information regarding the matter? If you need further documentation such as an itemized statement, our company will be more than happy to make this request on your behalf.


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Statute of Limitations

Are you being contacted on behalf of a debt you feel is out of the statute of limitations, and wonder why? In our experience, many consumers are misinformed of what the statute of limitation actually is, and/or what it encompasses.


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How Did You Obtain My Information?

The majority of the information we may have on file for you stems from the information you provided to the original creditor when signing up for their services.


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What Are My Rights?

If you're unsure about debt collections and the laws that govern it, you can access in depth information from The Federal Trade Commission (FTC); they are responsible for enforcing the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) which debt collection agencies must follow.


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Obtaining Account Information By Phone

Many consumers call to request detailed information via phone. The FDCPA, various state laws, and other government regulations generally prevent us from providing this information over the phone.


"I don't agree with the information provided in my letter!"

Complaint, Dispute, or Fraud Claim?

If you have a discrepancy with the information Convergent has provided, it is important to know which one of the following categories it applies to. If filed in the incorrect category, it may reach the incorrect department and cause a delay in us getting back to you timely. Explanations and examples are provided below.

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A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with an agent, action, or procedure performed by Convergent Outsourcing. If your complaint is against another company, please file it with them directly.

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A dispute is when you do not believe the information provided to you from Convergent, on behalf of our client, is accurate or true.

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Fraud is when a person without your consent has committed wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain utilizing your personal information.

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Bankruptcy should not be filed as a complaint or dispute.If you have filed for bankruptcy in the past or are in the process, please contact Convergent; if you  provide the information concerning the matter,we will be more than happy to can help you get it updated with the necessary parties involved.

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How to file a claim with Convergent?

Option 1: write a letter to Convergent which clearly states that you are seeking to: dispute a debt,file a complaint, provide notification of fraud, or provide information regarding bankruptcy. The more information you can provide, the quicker we can respond.Try to ensure your request contains your Convergent account number, Client account number, full name, and contact information. Send the letter to:

Attn: Dispute Dept.

P.O. Box 9004

Renton, WA 98057

Option 2: Notify our company via phone at 1-855-335-6124 Bankruptcy updates via mail must contain what chapter you filed, the timeframe, and your lawyers contact information. Although Convergent accepts dispute claims via phone, some of our clients may require submission in writing.

Examples when filing claims with Convergent

Characters and scenarios are fictional

Mary Fiddles

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"The balance on my letter is incorrect, I paid this months ago."

John Looks

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"I spoke with a Convergent representative, and they were rather rude to me"

Annie Anes

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"I've never had services from the listed creditor, or lived in that state; however, all my personal information matches up."

James Baker

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"The debt in this letter was taken care of in a previous bankruptcy I filed, why am I receiving this letter?"

Credit Reporting

We are not credit specialists.

We send updates to all applicable credit reporting agencies for some of our clients weekly. We also request that they update a consumers credit report to reflect any payments; however, it may take the credit reporting agencies a few weeks to make the updates. If you have questions about how this payment will affect your credit score specifically, you may want to contact one of the credit bureaus.


P.O. Box 2104

Allen, TX 75013-0949

1-888-EXPERIAN (397-3742)


P.O. Box 740241.

Atlanta, GA 30374-0241



P.O. Box 1000

Chester, PA 19022


Need additional Information?

Contact Us

Do you have a complaint, a dispute, a fraud or bankruptcy? Knowing the difference will ensure your concern reaches the appropriate department and is addressed in a timely fashion. If you are unsure, refer to the Complaint, Dispute, Or Fraud Claim? section above. Our company contact information is provided below for ALL inquiries.

New York City Residents: Please be advised that language access services, including the translation of information into a language other than English, may be available. A translation and description of commonly-used debt collection terms is available in multiple languages on the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection’s website,

General Information Requests

Office Hours: 7:00am-5:00pm (PST)
Monday-Friday (closed most government holidays)

Postal Address

Convergent Outsourcing Inc.
800 SW 39th Street Suite #100
Renton, WA 98057

Stop Contacting Me!

Have you been contacted in error? To request us to cease our communication attempts to you call our dedicated phone number removal line (toll free) at 1-855-728-9701 and follow the guided prompts. It may take 24 to 72 hours to update our information and finalize your request. We appreciate your patience.