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How Debt Collectors Obtain Your Personal Information

The Creditor

Our company is not a debt buyer; we are hired to collect debt that you may have incurred with the original creditor. With that being said, the majority of the information we may have on file for you stems from the information you may have provided to the original creditor when signing up for their services.

Soft credit inquiry

Soft credit inquiries are all credit inquiries where your credit is NOT being reviewed by a prospective lender. These types of inquiries DO NOT negatively impact your credit score.

Data Brokers

Whenever you sign up for something, fill out a survey, or enter personal information online, there is a possibility that this information is being collected by a data aggregator. These agencies gather purchase history and demographic information from consumers in order to sell it to the interested parties.

Government Agencies

Occasionally some collection agencies may be able to gain access to information you have provided to government organizations; this can be performed in order to collect and verify your current contact information.

Public Records

Information contained within public records are pieces of information deemed non-confidential and are required by law to be made and kept. These records are open and accessible to the general public. These records at times may contain some information you may consider private. Some examples of public records are as follows: births, marriages, deaths, court dockets, ownership records and criminal records.

Skip Tracers

Skip tracing is a job that involves locating individuals whom have defaulted on a debt or are missing. In the realm of debt collection, it generally refers to the process of locating a debtor whose information is no longer accurate. Methods vary from company to company in relevance to their skip tracing policies and procedures for locating consumers.

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