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Statute of Limitations

Are you being contacted on behalf of a debt you feel is out of the statute of limitations, and wonder why? In our companies' experience, many consumers are misinformed of what the statute of limitation actually is, and/or what it encompasses.

The statute of limitations (in relation to debt collections) provides a timeframe in which collectors can sue a consumer to collect a debt. Once the statute of limitations of a debt has been reached, it is considered a time-barred debt. This does NOT mean a debt is not valid or no longer collectible.

The statute of limitations varies from state to state. It also varies depending on the type of debt. According to The Federal Trade Commission, state law generally determines how long debt lasts. The timeframe generally starts when you fail to make a payment. When the timeframe stops typically depends on two areas of interest: the type of debt, and either the law that applies in your state of residence or the state specified in your credit contract.

If you want to determine the statute of limitations on different kinds of debt, specified by state, please check with your State Attorney General's Office.

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